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Konstantin Lomykin (1924 -1993), was born in the town of Glukhov in Sumy Region. In 1951 he graduated from the Odessa Art College, his teachers were L.Muchnik, N.Pavliuk and N.Shelyuto. Began exhibiting in 1951 and from then on participated in numerous major art exhibitions nationally and internationally. Member of the Union of Artists, K. Lomykin had received many State prizes and medals for his contribution to the Soviet Art.

One Man Exhibitions:

1953 - Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev
1981 - Gekkoso Gallery, Tokyo
1974 - Odessa, Kiev
1983 - Odessa, Moscow, Bucharest
1979 - Gekkoso Gallery, Tokyo
1984 - Tokyo

His paintings hang in most prestigious national galleries and museums including the Odessa Fine Art Gallery, The Ukrainian National Museum, Kiev and The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, as well as in numerous international museums and private collections

K.Lomykin was a very prolific artist and he worked in many genres - landscapes, portraiture, thematic paintings, still lifes, nudes. Many of his works depict ballet dancers in their constant, painstaking effort in mastering the art of dance. A beautiful colourist, K.Lomykin was a master of media. The majority of his works are done in oil, watercolour and pastel. In his pastels K.Lomykin attains a highest degree of mastery; his bold strokes skillfully shape the form and his colour is rich in the intensity of tone. A great lover of life, K.Lomykin lived and breathed painting, and he left behind an enormous heritage, making a significant contribution to the glory of Ukrainian Art.

Lomykin making sketches in a ballet class in the Odessa Opera House

Lomykin with Mevr.Nakamura at the Gekosso Gallery in Tokyo, 1981

Painting en plein-air in the Odessa Fine Art Museum and Gallery courtyard, Odessa, Ukraine

Permanent Collections:

Ukrainian Museum of Fine Arts, Kiev
Fine Arts Museum of the Kirghiz Republic, Frunze
The Odessa State Art Museum
The Simferopol Art Museum
The Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum
The Moldavian SSR Museum of Fine Arts, Kishinev
The Donetsk Art Museum

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Artwork name: Working on Grapevines

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Oil on Board
(12 5/8"x14 3/8").
Signed and dated verso.
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