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Born on January 1, 1963, in the Shpitki village in Kyivska Oblast, to a family of teachers.

In 1977-1979 – participates in the art studio headed by Boris Pianida at the Kyiv State Art Institute, where he meets Oleg Pinchuk and Anatoliy Bazilevich with whom he studies there.

1979 - Enrolls in the Kyiv State Art Institute.

1985 – graduates from the Kyiv State Art Institute, where he studied in the architectural workshop of Professor Mykola Stepanov (teachers – Oleksiy Zagnyboroda and Leonid Pribega).

1985-1987 – service in the Armed Forces.
1988 – takes part in the Republican Seminar of Young Writers and Cinematographers at the Writer's Unions Creativity House. Producer Lev Karpov films the short movie “Convoy” at the Oleksandr Dovzhenko studio using his screenplay.
Teaches painting and composition at Kyiv district art school, until 1993.

Participates in the “Art of Ukraine” exhibition at the Augustins museum of Toulouse, France.
Participates in the “XX Artists of Ukraine (The End of the Century)” exhibition at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.
Participates in the International Land Art Symposium “Chalk Space” (Mogrytsa, Ukraine). Writes the program article “Landscape – the concept granting meaning to life,” published in the catalogue of the “Chalk Space” exhibition by the Soviart Contemporary Art Gallery.
Participates in the “Art of Ukraine” exhibition at the Central Artist's House of Moscow, Russia.

Participates in the “Sheshory-2004” International Festival of Ethnic Music and Landart (Sheshory, Ukraine).

2007 – the «In Natura» exhibition is held at the same time in the Museum of Contemporary Art “Soviart” and the “Karas” gallery, where work from the “Theodosics” cycle, earthworks, and photos of the art project “Ukrainisms” are displayed. The “Bevza” book-album is published by The Sophia Publishing House.
Participates in the International Land Art Symposium “Borderland Space” in Mogrytsa, Ukraine, where he and Oleksiy Lytvynenko realize the earthwork “Sun Bird.”
Awarded 1st Degree Diploma in the “Art Book” nomination of the State Committee of Television and Radio of Ukraine for 2008.


• « Spaces of gravitation. Grass». Triptych Gallery, "Arsenale 2012". First Biennale of contemporary art (Kyiv, Ukraine)

“Foot of Destiny,” Triptych Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
“Islands,” AVS-art Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine), album.

«And Someone Else With Me». Bezpala Brown Gallery (Toronto, Canada).
"Painting," AVS-art Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine).

“Irises,” Triptych Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine), catalogue.
"Theodosics," Sumy city Gallery (Sumy, Ukraine), catalogue.

"Elegies," Bottega Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine), catalogue.
"Sinai," Gamla Vaster Gallery (Malme , Sveden), catalogue.

"Tski," Triptych Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine) catalogue.
"In Natura. All Theodosics," Atelier Karas Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine), catalogue.

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Artwork name: The Will to Be

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Oil on canvas
225 x 150 cm
(88" x 59")

Price: £15600 GBP