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(b. 1943)

Valery Basanetz was born in the provincial town of Brody in the Ukraine. In 1963 he graduated from Odessa College of Fine Art. Member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1971 and has been exhibiting since 1965 throughout the ex-USSR as well as abroad.

Basanetz is an extremely methodical artist who paints meticulous textural details in his works creating a filtered and misty ambience. His paintings express wistful subdued dreams of the philosopher. Overwhelmingly tranquil and delicate, they are both seductive and absorbing.

Basanetz is represented in Art Museums and private collections internationally. He lives and works in Odessa and is one of the leading artists of the 'Odessa Group'.

"To discern the mysterious in the visible, everything in the outer aspect of objects which is indicated by form, colour, shade and texture." - Basanetz

"Lucky are those, who developed a certain ability to feel the sound of visual images. Vision, in its turn, sounds like music. One hears what one sees." - Basanetz

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Artwork name: Young Spirit

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1991,Mixed Media on Paper,42,3x30,6cm(16 1/2"x12"). FRAMED

Price: SOLD