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1951 Lives and workes in Kyiv (Ukraine)
1969 Republican Art School (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1975 Kyiv State Institute of Fine Arts (Masterclass of Professor T.Yablonskaya)
Member of the Artists' Union of Ukraine.

Personal Exhibitions

2004 "Silence". Painting. "Soviart" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2003 "Illusions". Painting. "Triptih" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1999 "The Airplane". Painting. "Atelier Karas" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine) details
1998 Painting. "Olimp" Gallery (Kyiv. Ukraine)
Painting, installation."Atelier Karas" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1997 Performance "A.D." (Edinburgh. Great Britain)
Performance at the International Festival of Experimental Theatres (Cairo, Egypt)
1996 Painting. "Kismet Gallery" (San-Jose, USA)
Grant of USA Government - USIA. Personal Programme; Washington - New-York - New-Haven (Yale University) - Chicago -San Francisco.
Assemblage Exhibition Hall of the Artists' Union of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1995 Painting."L&L Gallery. (Kyiv, Ukraine)
"Arkadia".Painting. National Art Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)
"Eatart" ("Yizhart").Performance. Centre of Contemporary Art "Brama". (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1994 Painting.Centre of Contemporary Art "Brama" (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Tablo.Gallery "Victoria". (Kyiv. Ukraine)
1993 Contemporary Abstract Painting of Ukraine.Exhibition Hall in Palffy Palace (Vienna, Austria)
1992 Tablo.Centre of Contemporary Art "Brama". (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Painting.Exhibition Hall of the Artists Union of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1990 Painting."MP Gallery" (Chicago. USA)
1989 Painting.Drawing. Centre "L'espace Marx" (Lille, France)
1988 Drawing.Museum of Kyiv History (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Group Exhibition (Selective)

2001 "Selfidentification"."Atelier Karas" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2000 "Novi Spriamuvannia".Central Exhibition Hall of the Artists Union of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1999 "Communication Turnes Art", VII Specialized Exhibition - Information And Communications'99. Kyiv Sport Palace (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Art exhibition "XX Artists of Ukraine (End of the Century)"."Atelier Karas" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)


National Museum of Fine Arts (Kyiv. Ukraine)
Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
Norton Dodge Collection (Washington, USA)
Checkpoint Charlie Museum (Berlin, Germany)
Austrian Parliament Collection (Vienna, Austria)
Art Museum (Chernihiv, Ukraine)
Art Museum (Khmelnitsky, Ukraine)
Art Museum (Gorlivka, Ukraine)
Art Museum (Sumy, Ukraine)
"Atelier Karas" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Gradobank Collection (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Art Museum - Gallery "Mars" (Moscow. Russia)
Ukv Collection "Klejnod" (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Private collections in Ukraine, France, Germany, USA, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Israel and others.

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Artwork name: Travelling III

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oil on canvas
140 x 180 cm
(55" x 70")

Price: £2240 GBP