Edward Belsky, Alexander Dobrodiy, Olesya Lishaeva, Vadim Korzhenko, Lena Kurovska, Alex Malik, Ina Panteleimonova, Temo Svireli, Anatoly Tertychnyi, Akbar Khurasani

Paintings from these ten Ukrainian artists are now on show in ArtLondon.Com's new project.

An exhibition of paintings by contemporary Ukrainian artists has opened in the Kiev office of the national mobile service provider "Kyivstar". This is a long-term joint project between ArtLondon.Com gallery and Kyivstar.
ArtLondon.Com has provided paintings by ten well-known Ukrainian artists for this project. About 80 paintings, from a variety of artistic styles - from classic landscapes to abstract paintings are now on show on the 13th floor of Kyivstar's central Kiev office.
The main objective of the "Art Gallery in your Office" initiative is to encourage an appreciation and understanding of contemporary art by a wide audience. Those who spent most of their time in a busy office environment will now be able to view and admire artworks by some of the best contemporary artists working in Ukraine in their own working environment not even having to leave their office. In this special project, selected works from the artists' studios will be transferred to the offices of large companies, and will be displayed on the walls of the offices corridors and the meeting rooms.

Kyivstar, a national provider of mobile communication company, is the first in the series of our planned exhibitions with which we have signed a cooperation agreement. The company has pioneered many different, interesting projects in the field of education in Ukraine, and it was the first to enthusiastically embrace the idea of a permanent office art gallery.

In our opinion, besides the aesthetic value this project will also carry a certain educational mission. Majority of people often find it difficult to follow and to understand some of the contemporary art's styles and trends. And certainly, a very small percentage of people are willing to devote their own time to find out about them. Thanks to this project, the company's employees would be able to see, on a daily basis, works of art right on the walls of their office. In their own time, they can study them, admire them and be benefitted in many different ways from a constant contact with art.

And it is very easy to purchase your favorite painting, you can contact the gallery representative direct either on the phone or online from your own office computer.

Our artists have enthusiastically supported this idea. According to them it is much better for their paintings which are normally stored in their studios or in some closed gallery's storage waiting for a buyer to be around people.